10 tips to write CTA

10 tips on how to create high-converting CTAs

How many times has it happened that your website has a world-class design, your sales team has got the perfect sales pitch and your landing page does the job well, but you hardly get leads on the website. You get a lot of visits through Organic SEO or PPC Marketing, but what could be the reason for this and why does this happen? Converting CTA’s includes a lot of factors and despite thousands of visits, you have zero conversions and a high bounce rate then it is high time you should take an action.

You and your team devote hours and hours to figure out what could be the possible reason for this and why your website has zero conversion? But the answer to this is pretty simple – and that is your Call to Action (CTA) merely wasn’t convincing enough for a customer or your visitor that it could close the deal for you. Unfortunately, this is one of the major issues in digital marketing – it is the one final push to make sure that your website visitor turns into your client.

Here are 10 tips on how to create high-converting CTAs:

10 tips to write good cta

1: Choose the right colour for your CTAs

The Colour of your CTA’s plays a vital role and can speak volumes for your visitor, no matter what the size of your section or button is. Therefore, we suggest you take proper time in considering the colour that you want for your CTA. Following points should be remembered for CTA colour – 

  • It should be in a good colour.
  • It should stand out and be a contrast to the background.
  • It should not conflict with the background colour.
  • It should be catchy and should grab your attention.

2: Don’t over-complicate the design

Keep it simple! Yes, if you are looking forward to creating some high-converting CTAs, then you should stand out. Not too much effort, but you should keep it simple and precise, that just catches the eye of your visitors. You should go with the formula ‘less is more, for a great call to action for your website. Keep font colour restricted to black or white, but you can still change the background colour of the CTA button.

3: Size does matter – keep it sensible

The size of the button doesn’t really matter – you need to keep it simple and sensible. Regardless of what people think and might have you believe, bigger is not always a better choice. With this, you need to make sure that the button is appropriately sized. When we are talking about size, it includes both desktop and mobile device users. If the size of the button is too small, people might skip clicking on it. And if the button size is too big, mobile device users can find it overwhelming and even annoying sometimes. So, balance is key here. Consider mobile devices, make the page responsive and your CTAs will perfectly fit in there.

4: Choices are always good to have, as long as you limit them

People love to think they are in self-control. That is the one good reason that we love having options when we are confused with a decision-making part while buying something. However, you have to be smart and cannot offer people too much space for thinking and determining control. Still, if you need to give the choice to your visitors between different CTAs, we suggest that you should limit it to a maximum of 2 choices.

5: Make sure the design is inviting and clickable

It is a well-known fact that your CTA’s are stand out and people need to know that the CTA is clickable. The design of your button should have:

  • A rectangular shape
  • Clear and well-defined boundaries
  • White space surrounding them is an add on.
  • A contrasting colour to catch the user’s attention

6: Create high-converting CTAs in such a way that they are the next logical step

Okay, now I need to click on the button and proceed”. This actually should be the thought process in the mind of your customers once they reach the CTA button on your website. That button should be the final and concluding part of your customer’s journey. Make the CTA’s in a way that customers want to click and once they click, they proceed to buy your service and products.

7: Quality of wording over quantity

Choose your words wisely when creating it for CTA! When your sole purpose is to create a high-converting Call to Action that your website needs to be focused on maximum impact with minimal wording. The button or your CTA should be a knockout that will be in a way direct and to-the-point. 

8: Explore the aspect of “lazy” CTAs

Not each of your visitors is in a mood to take a short time and little effort, and many customers that visit your website would want to get through your perfect landing page and click to proceed. However, here you can perfectly utilize your “lazy” CTAs! Generally, you would use these when you are asking for credit card details or address information. You should make it as simple as possible for your visitors to proceed to the following step of the process. 

9: High-converting CTAs should be optimized location-wise

Just similar to all the components that we have mentioned above, the location or the placement of the CTA plays a crucial role for your website. You must be aware of the common opinion that ‘the key to creating high-converting CTAs is to put it at the end’. However, the research from Hubspot mentions that – only 6% of conversions come from CTAs at the ends of posts. So, you have to be wise enough while considering where you position your CTAs.

10: Keep it specific for effect

People today are used to seeing ads and marketing campaigns. So, it is suggested that you should continue to be more specific in what you’re offering to make it simpler to create high-converting CTAs. One idea is to personalize deals or promotions with numbers or brand names etc.

Here are some more tips to get more leads 

Apart from having good and mindful CTA’s in your website, there are other tips that can get more leads including a few points like making your website’s navigation easy, you can add lead forms to the pages that can more traffic, measure the performance of each lead generator go for options like making using of live chat etc.