Chat GPT

ChatGPT: Generate Content and SEO Without Hassle

Introduction Writing for the web is more than just a search engine optimisation strategy. Making sure you provide your readers with what they want in a method that makes them most receptive to your message is a key consideration for your growth. We, at Bakoffis, aim to discuss how to use chatGPT (Chat Generated Paragraphs […]

Ad Campaign Optimization Strategies

Best strategies for Ad Campaign optimization in 2023

Introduction Devising a new ad campaign is not always the same as preparing and implementing it successfully. We need to undertake multiple steps to set the course right with the ad campaign optimisation strategies. In a nutshell, this includes conducting trials, examining performance data, and identifying areas for improvement. Further, with the continuous economic instability […]

How to use Google Trends for SEO and Content Marketing?

What Is Google Trend? The most efficient and effective strategy to research keywords crucial to your business is to understand how to use Google Trends for SEO. You can find out what searches are trending or examine how search volume has changed for your term across different geographies. Additionally, you may enhance your local SEO […]

October 2022 Spam Update

Everything About October 2022 Spam Update

Google’s Spam Policies Google regularly releases search spam upgrades to maintain useful search results and enhance its automatic spam-detection systems. Recently, Google stated intentions to introduce an international spam upgrade on Google Search that will have an impact on all languages. We see the Google Algorithm Update 2022 has been rolled out and targeted at […]

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO: Tips to optimise your website for mobile devices to get you more traffic

What is Mobile SEO and how to get started? Mobile SEO is the process of optimising your website for mobile devices making sure it is aesthetically pleasing and functions properly on mobile devices regardless of the screen size.  The use of mobile devices has increased dramatically in recent years. Consumers currently use mobile devices for […]

Technical SEO Factors

Technical SEO: What Every Webmaster Should Know

Why Technical SEO is important? Technical SEO is extremely crucial in the SEO process. It is possible that your SEO efforts won’t get the desired outcomes if there are issues with your technical SEO. Thus, it is essential that you understand technical SEO and how to do it correctly. The good news is that you […]

social media marketing

Ways to dominate 2020 with Social Media Marketing

The importance of social media marketing is no more an ancient concept. Though it was earlier limited to promoting a brand’s product or services, now it is more about offering users new sales touchpoints. It gives a voice and a way to communicate your ideas to potential clients. We, at Bakoffis offer you some ways […]