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The Basics of Online Marketing Terms, Decoded: SEO, CTR, ROI, and All the Rest

No matter you do your website’s SEO on your own or hire a digital marketing agency for it, there are certain terms in online marketing that you need to be aware of. 

It is not only online marketing, but in other technical terms and businesses too, we often come across terms and abbreviations that we’re either familiar with already, or we’ve not even heard of.

Why you Need to Know About the Basics Terms of Online Marketing

Even if this drives you crazy, you need to understand its importance and also what these terms mean if you want to look after and communicate within the sphere of online marketing. Let us look at a few of the important once –

The Basics of Online Marketing Terms, Decoded

the basic of digital marketing

SEO—Search Engine Optimization – If you’re confused by this term, it’s probably high time you should start putting more focus on your online marketing part. SEO represents the fundamental mantra and is a driving force of most online content.
In a nutshell, SEO is the pursuit of creating online content that will give you the highest possible ranking in search engines.

CTR—Click-Through Rate – The calculation resulting from seeing at how many people are clicking on your ad, from the total number of people who saw the ad is called the CTR.
This is also a valuable metric in different areas, like testing such as an A/B test, in which you would look at CTR for a specific component of your website.

CR/CRO—Conversion Rate Optimization – You have to understand what conversion is right at the very beginning. Conversion is something that happens when a visitor is on your website is converted into a customer or simply a buyer. CR is the rate at which this conversion takes place, and CRO is the optimization done thereof.

CAC—Customer Acquisition Cost – It is not easy to define is term because there are several reasons that fits into this figure, but if we want to explain this in basic term,  it is a very important number for start-ups, because it represents the entire cost linked with acquiring a new customer.
Even when it looks like you have won a customer, there is always a possibility of CAC.

ROI—Return On Investment – An investment necessarily is not something that is a huge sum of money that you put into some business, to earn back ROI. This is also applicable when it comes to anything in which you have put time, money, or energy.

CPC—Cost Per Click – Also described to as PPC (Pay Per Click), CPC/Cost per Click is the sum of money you are charged every time someone clicks on your online ad.
This amount can help you in deciding whether an online ad campaign you are running is worth the investment or not. 
CRM—Customer Relationship Management – CRM has always been a crucial point of interest for businesses, but it has recently got a new meaning, and the reason to this is the immense need for online customer service. CRM requires optimizing the complete experience of the operation between a business and its client.

CTA—Call-To-Action – Call to action/CTA refers to a button on your website. It is anything that requires someone to take action and decides to buy any product or sign up for a service. CTA is one of the most important things for improving website’s SEO.

SMM—Social Media Marketing– This term explains itself well. SMM or Social Media marketing is somewhat related to how you are promoting and advertising your business on social media. There are complete schools of thought which are dedicated to coming up with new ways of social media promotion.

UV—Unique Visitor – UV or Unique Visitor in simple terms is something which marks them a first time or a new visitor This term attempts to identify how many visitors are actually finding a given site, as opposed to the number of times they have visited, which can be a false number.

UX—User Experience – Well User Experience is quite a commonly used term when it comes to understanding and enhancing the performance of the website. User experience or UX is an area that cannot be emphasized enough, as it comprises every aspect of the way how users interact and look at the online content and various website. A lot of debate is going on over defining UX because people have obviously changed opinions of what it is.

Apparently straightforward, UX is normally how spontaneous your website or web app is, and how effortlessly users are able to navigate and interact with your website.

How These Terms are going to help you understand Market Better?

When you know these terms properly, it will become a lot easier for you to understand the market better. Hope this article has helped you in having an overview of the basics of online marketing terms like SEO, CTR, ROI, etc.