Search Engine Optimisation Service Package in Australia

SEO: Why is organic traffic the best source of traffic for your business?

There are numerous ways in digital marketing through which you can gain traffic for your website. But the best source to get traffic for your business is through organic ways. There are various SEO services packages through which you can choose the right package for your business and opt for strategies that include different ways to drive organic traffic to your website.

Organic traffic is the best form of traffic a website can get because it is free and brings in. The traffic that your website receives organically from any search engine is particularly targeted towards searchers that are directly related to your website. How does organic traffic come to your website? The traffic that comes to a website when people typically type specific keywords or search terms to reach your website is organic traffic.

If proper SEO optimization of your website is done, then getting more organic traffic becomes a lot easier. This is because SEO optimization helps in getting your web page ranked higher in search results, thus attracting more visitors every day.

Reasons why you should choose SEO for your business

When the right SEO is done for your website, it not only increases the number of relevant visitors to the website but also improves the number of your daily conversions thus enhancing the overall success of your website. You get more and more customers that are looking exactly what you are offering and are also interested in the service/product you offer.

By improving SEO consistently and going with the latest techniques to do it, your business will keep performing in the best way and keep attracting more traffic. You will see that you have more qualified leads and the daily number of relevant customers are increasing. The better the SEO, the better will be your rankings and eventually better will be the chance of getting more traffic to your web pages.

Here are a few reasons why choosing SEO is the best choice for your business-

  1. A website becomes visible in Organic search – SEO improves the number of visitors on the website and helps in enhancing organic discovery. A website gets better and relevant traffic when SEO is correctly done for it.
  2. Increases ROI – Improved ROI is another best advantage SEO offers to a website. As SEO helps in increasing visibility it will increase the traffic and revenue of the website. Thus, providing better ROI for the businesses doing it.
  3. Reaches Larger Customer Base or complete Target Audience – SEO is not limited to, certain organizations or does not have a single set of the target audience. SEO is also effective for businesses that target various audiences, that might offer similar services.
  4. Website’s Credibility and Trust Increases – When SEO is done, you start ranking at higher positions on search engines and start getting visitors. Ranking on top positions on Google also boosts the credibility amongst your potential customers.
  5. Target the complete Marketing Funnel with SEO – Content is the base of SEO and content is operated by SEO only. This includes a range of content types that targets almost all the stages of the marketing funnel.
  6. SEO is better and Long-Term Marketing Strategy – SEO is a long-term investment when it comes to improving the visibility of the website. While right SEO is done for the website, it often delivers significant business impact initially, but even a little bit of consistency can compound SEO efforts over the years, thus helps businesses in yielding better results for several years.

Best SEO packages in Australia – A small investment can make a lot of difference in your business!

If we talk about whether a business should spend money on SEO or not, then an appropriate answer to this is ‘yes. Spending some amount on SEO will never go in vain and you will definitely be proud of your decision when you will start seeing the positive results for your business.

Now let us talk about the best packages you could choose for your business. Well, the average cost of SEO services in Australia is from $750 to $2,000+ per month. When we talk about hourly charges for SEO, it starts from $125 and goes up to $250. Normally, the higher is the competition, the more money you will have to pay for getting your SEO improved.


$ 99 Monthly
  • 10 Keywords Targeting
  • 4 Business & Profile Creation
  • Various Link building activities
  • 1 Blog recommendations per month
  • Basic Website Audit
  • Basic Analytics Monthly Report
  • Includes Support - 2 hours


$ 249 Monthly
  • 25 Keywords Targeting
  • 10 Business & Profile Creation
  • Various Link building activities
  • 3 Blog recommendations per month
  • Technical Website Audit
  • Advanced Analytics Monthly Report
  • Includes Support - 4 hours


$ 399 Monthly
  • 40 Keywords Targeting
  • 15 Business & Profile Creation
  • Various Link building activities
  • 5 Blog recommendations per month
  • Advance Website Audit
  • UI/UX recommendation report
  • Advanced Analytics Weekly Report
  • Includes support - 8 hours

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