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10 Simple Approaches to Create Your First PPC Marketing Campaign

Pay-Per-Click or PPC Marketing is an important part of digital marketing strategy and presents a meaningful opportunity for digital marketers to significantly grow their visitors, traffic, and conversion metrics. But it is essential to have a smart strategy and careful tactics because with it pay-per-click or PPC can cause major headaches.

What is PPC Marketing

PPC is an online advertising model and an important strategy followed by a lot of digital marketers in which advertisers (Business/company that has hosted the ads on Google) pay a certain amount each time a user clicks on one of their hosted online ads. 

These PPC ads are of different kinds, but one of the most used types of PPC ads is paid search ads. These ads become visible when people search for anything or service online over any search engine like Google – particularly if they are looking for some commercial things (basically the searchers are looking for something to buy) 

How does PPC Marketing Benefits Businesses?

There are several benefits of PPC marketing. Here are a few major benefits of using PPC marketing for your business – 

  • Reach to your potential audience cost-effectively: PPC campaign helps businesses to reach their potential audiences quickly and cost-effectively
10 ppc marketing approach
  • Get instant traffic on your website: There are various points that are considered while search engines get your webpage on top organically but when you use Google ads, slots are pre-booked for you, and you get traffic instantly. Leverage the advantage and generate traffic for your business.
  • Get warm leads through PPC ads: PPC marketing campaigns help businesses in reaching out to the right people when they are actively looking for what you are selling. As you pay per click for your ads, your product/service will be in front of your potential customers who are already interested in what you have to sell.
  • You get user Data that can be utilised for SEO Strategies – when it comes to organic keywords, these are mostly hidden due to privacy. But there is no such restriction with paid search, which simply means you can have a complete overview of the keywords that convert and that too with an understanding of at what percentage and cost.
  • Algorithm changes don’t affect PPC ads performance – we know that content marketing and SEO depends on search engine algorithm updates, but if we talk about PPC advertising, it offers stability. 

10 Approaches PPC Marketing Ways

Here are approaches to PPC marketing:

Include a Call to Action: It’s always a very good idea to end an ad with a call to action (CTA). The main body of your ad copy should offer value and should be talking more about the customers.

Target both Newcomers and Old Ones: If you know about the concept of the marketing funnel, then you also be knowing that you can convert people who are at different stages in the funnel. You should be following this for the best results.

How to Bid? You need to have the right idea about bidding when it comes to PPC. A few of the experts say that you should never be bidding on branded keywords.

There is some understanding about this. For example, you shouldn’t be bidding on your own brand.

Quality Over Quantity: A lot of PPC platforms have their own standards that can help you understand what can help you in winning a bid. It’s not just about what is your budget, but a lot depends on the quality of your ads, as well. In AdWords, we get a clear picture with the help of a “Quality Score”.

Focus Your Ad Groups: The significance of creating ads is what makes an ad group helps in having a better-Quality Score. This is the reason; you should make each of your ad groups fit into a specific purpose.

Avoid Links That Don’t Covert: It is highly suggested that you should not be using links that aren’t converting. Also, it is suggested that you also continue to build and update your negative keyword list over time. This will prevent you from over-spending money on clicks that are taking you nowhere and no lead to conversions is happening.

Select Only Interested Audience: While you create ads, you get the option of selecting Audience. Here we suggest you select the interested Audience only. 

Create Different Ad Groups for Mobile: Like what you do when it comes to creating responsive content and even a responsive website for mobile device users, it is very important to understand the importance of responsive PPC ads for mobile users. We suggest you should work to create different Ad groups for Mobile which we called as responsive.

Focus on Local Users Also: Local users play a very crucial part when it comes to PPC Marketing. Do not miss the potential local users and take full advantage of nearby users while following an effective PPC strategy.

Landing Pages Matter just as Much as the Ads: Understand the importance of landing page; it is as important as the Ads. The way it looks, CTAs on your page, its load time and most importantly the content. It is all-important.


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How to Implement All these PPC Marketing Campaigns?

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