google is panning on to index instagram and tiktok videos

Breaking News: Google is planning to Work on Indexing Instagram & TikTok Videos

Google would work out agreements with Instagram and TikTok for indexing their video content in search results. When we talk about the latest social media marketing news. One piece of news that is making the rounds is about Google’s ongoing discussion over deals with Instagram and TikTok for indexing their content in search results.

The Information has got some quick updates about details of Google’s continuing talks with Facebook and ByteDance — which are the parent companies of Instagram and TikTok respectively.

How did it all start?

This could be an inspired step from the one that Google and Twitter together took to create a partnership. Prior to this partnership, Google did not index and rank specific tweets in search results the way it does today.

According to the reports, the deal is said to be like the one that was earlier formed between Google and Twitter back in the year 2015. In this deal, Google was permitted access to a “firehose” of tweet data for instant indexing. If we take reference of any search deal talks, one of Google’s spokespersons gave the following quote which neither confirms nor denies anything:

“We help sites make their content discoverable and benefit from being found on Google, and they can choose how or whether their content appears in search.” If we go with the spokesperson’s point, appearing in Google Search is a preference for content publishers.

But logically, in most cases is preference is no-hurdle, because why a business wouldn’t want to get its content found and appear in Google search? 

Here are few reasons why Google is planning to Work on Indexing Instagram & TikTok Videos and how did it all start – 

  1. As per Google’s deal with Twitter, the search company is paying an annual licensing fee. In return, Google is given the capability to index tweets the moment they’re published on the platform.
  2. It is expected that just like Twitter, Instagram and TikTok will also receive similar compensation. Moreover, they’ll also get the advantages that will come along with having their content discoverable in Google.
  3. In the current scenario, Google does not show either Instagram or TikTok videos. The recent deal that is happening, would allow that to happen. This will help in bringing a whole new audience of audiences to these platforms.
  4. In return for this, Google will get billions of new videos both from TikTok and Instagram to index in its search results. This is a great success for Google as it gets a lot of new content indexed in its search thus more unique visitors. That’s a positive thing for the longevity of the world’s top search engine.

What are the Latest Updates?

If we talk about the latest updates, Google has already begun to test the new feature that was responsible for showcasing TikTok and Instagram videos in the Google search in Dec 2020. This is the same feature that showed YouTube videos only but later added videos from the other two platforms. The research will definitely help in unfolding the scenario to add TikTok and Instagram to the search result. 

Google is still in the testing process for this feature in various regions and we should expect nothing but a major rollout if Google succeeds to crack this deal with Facebook and ByteDance.  If things go just as planned, Google might also offer a related feature in Search Desktop too. 

How will it benefit Digital Marketing Agencies?

benefit of digital marketing agency

Google’s plan to work on Indexing Instagram & TikTok Videos is going to benefit the Digital marketing agencies by providing a lot better opportunities for publishers’ from all around the World to get found and recognised. If we talk about the long term benefits of expanding Google’s index with Instagram and TikTok content, it will help modern search engines turn into the best destination for both articles and videos that are hosted on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, also TikTok marketing and Instagram marketing will see significant growth. That could lead to an expansion in overall search volume, and more searches on Google means more chances for all editors and content originators to be discovered.