Google page exerience update is rolling ouot in Mmd June

Google Page Experience Update Algorithm Coming This Month, Full Rollout in August

It has been in news for quite some time now that Google’s Page Experience update is going to be launch this month for the mobile search. The same will be followed by a desktop launch, which will also be a full rollout later in August.

Google’s Martin Splitt says that the “Page Experience update will begin a gradual launch in mid-June with a full rollout expected by August.” This clearly shows that we should be ready for this by August 2021.

Founder Loren Baker asked a lot of questions to Splitt during his live appearance on the Search Engine Journal Show. These questions were submitted by SEOs which were regarding Core Web Vitals and also the Page Experience update.

Let’s take a glance at some highlights of the launch of the update, and also understand that what are the major differences between the mobile update compared to the desktop one coming in August.

When Does Google’s Page Experience Update is Launching?

Baker kicks going off the discussion gave a hint about the exact date for the launch of the Page Experience update. Earlier it was planned to go into effect by the end of May, but now it is pushed to June. Though Splitt was not too specific, he said that as per the current plan, the rollout should begin in the middle of June.

Adding to it, Splitt said that the update will not be like flicking an on/off switch, which is similar to going from not being in effect to being completely in effect. By this it is clear that the rollout of the Page Experience update is going to be gradual, which will last from mid-June to August:

Here is what he said –

“There is no specific date that things will start happening. Currently, the announcement is in June, so it might be any time in what would consist of mid of June. It will not be an off/on kind of situation.”

“It will gradually roll out; it will gradually add things to the mix of signals, and it will gradually start being effective. So not like a full-on switch from nothing to all of it, and there is no date announced yet.

…. I think the timeline is roughly starting mid-June, and then should be fully in effect at some point in August”

What Changes We can Expect From Page Experience Update

What changes to expect from page experience update

This new update will come with several new page experience signals and a lot more changes in search results. Let a have look at few changes that we can expect from Page Experience Update:

It will feature 3 newly added metrics to measure the user-friendliness and performance of your site. These are Core Web Vitals May 2021 and these will help you in monitoring the performance of your pages.

A. Core web vitals reports:

1. LCP (Largest Contentful Paint)

2. CLS (Cumulative Layer Shift)

3. FID (First Input Delay)

B. Will be best for Customer-Centric Websites

C. Prioritize and support websites with engaging content.

D. Visuals & visual stability will remain the most important.

E. This update will not be negating the traditional values.

F. The speed, performance, and aesthetics will remain the key players.

Will have page experience signals to test how well your site is performing on the behalf of your customers/clients. 

Which Websites Need to Worry From Update

As the name shows, Page Experience Update will have its focus on good user experience and thus websites and digital marketing agencies has to focus on removing the following problems– 

a. Websites with higher page-load time

b. Websites that are unresponsive/ or the ones that are not mobile-friendly.

c. That does not run on HTTPS

d. A website that is not user-friendly

.e Website in which the content is not focused on customers.