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Google Search Analytics API Can finally support Discover, Google News, and Regex

Any Digital marketing agency is required to be updated with the latest Google updates to offer the best to its customers. One such Google update has rolled out recently in which Google has included brand new support, data and elements to the Google Search Console’s Search Analytics API. The API can now provide support in showing data for Google Discover, Google News and supports Regex commands — all these were already being supported in the web interface.

Just to remind, in January Google Search Console has already added a unique feature of news performance reports and back in 2019, Google added Discover reports to Search Console and some more additional data was also added in the month of February in the same year. But SEOS was looking for the same data in the API. Likewise, in April, there was another add up by Google which was Regex support to the web interface.

Now, all of these are collectively available in Search Console Search Analytics API. Google stated that the search type parameter, which earlier enabled you to sort out API calls by the news, video, image, and web, are all going to be renamed to type and will support two extra factors: discover (for Google Discover) and google news (for Google News). Make a note – When the parameters were renamed to type, it was still supporting the old name search type.

What new changes this update will bring?

The new changes that are brought up by Google include Google’s Search Analytics API getting updated with the ability that will help pull data from Google News and Discover. It is said to be one of the most highly requested new features.
Previously, it wasn’t this way even though the search console already reported on the same. According to the reports it was absent from the Search Analytics API until now.
Other than this, Regex is also getting included in the API update within query and page dimensions.

Support for Google News & Google Discover

Two additional parameters have been added to the searchtype which has been renamed to ‘type’. The parameters are as follows:

  • Discover: It is used for Google Discover data
  • GoogleNews: It is used for Google News data.

All the previously enabled parameters will still be supported by the Search Analytics API, namely news, video, image and web.

It is also important to note that some metrics and dimensions which were compatible with select data types in the Search Console performance reports.  

For example, the Google Discover report do not support queries and positions, this is mainly due to the lack of requirement of query for Google to return the content.

And also, the API returns an error message if an unsupported dimension is requested.

Support for Regex

Regex support is being added to Google’s Search Analytics API to the query and page dimensions.

The operators that are being added to the existing match operations are as follows:

  • includingRegex
  • excludindRegex

Google Search Console added Regex support just this year, thus making this update a quick one when compared to how much time it for the API to add Discover data.

How it will help Digital marketing agencies?

The new Google Search Analytics API update will help marketers better understand their audience and thus help them strengthen their marketing strategy. It will also be helpful in understanding how to best utilize all the data that they get from Google Search Analytics.

And because of this new update, marketers will be able to analyze the website traffic better and improve the effectiveness of their current marketing strategy. 

If Google Analytics is used correctly, it can provide very valuable insights into who visits your website.

This update also brings a new and improved ‘compare mode’ in Search Console which makes it easier to compare multiple metrics simultaneously.

Regex will also help in creating a more complex query and page based filters for better analysis of the website traffic. This will help various Digital Marketing Agencies in Australia