Social media advertising on Short video apps

Social Media Advertising: How Short Video Apps Improving brand Online Presence

Short videos are slowly grabbing a large part of social media advertising, and various social media agencies have already started leveraging their benefits. The trend of short videos has gained a special place in social media marketing and we can say that this is the most-loved social media trend around the world.

What are Short Video Apps in social media advertising?

Short video apps are 15-30 seconds long video. You can use music, filters, effects and much to make your video more attractive. Due to its short duration content masses are enjoying using this feature. Social media plays a very significant role in increasing the presence of your business online; especially when it comes to boosting brand awareness. We cannot deny that this medium is growing rapidly, and a lot of new social media trends are evolving and emerging with every passing year.

Top Short Video Apps For social media advertising

When it comes to the growth of your business, brand awareness and social media marketing play essential roles in increasing conversion and growing your business. Now the question is how? We often think about what strategy to follow or what will suit perfectly to our business. To resolve this difficulty, let us talk about famous platforms like Tik Tok and Insta Reels. These short video platforms are helping many businesses in increasing their brand awareness and, with the help of these platforms, only a lot of businesses have made a very strong base for themselves.

If you have not heard much about Tik Tok or have not explored this stronger social media platform for your brand, you should do it immediately. Following are a few stats you should consider –

• There are almost 1 billion daily video views on TikTok
• This platform holds 800 million active monthly users.
• It has 26.5 million active monthly users from the United States.
• 90% of its users visit the application at least once per day.
• 41% of TikTok users are between the age of 16 and 24.
• Even split between male and female users
• In the year 2019, the app generated over $115 million in user spend.

The above-mentioned are just a few to name. There are still plenty of other interesting stats of Tik Tok. So now you must be thinking that Should this new social media platform be part of your brand’s marketing strategy. Absolutely! The answer without a doubt is yes.

How Brands Using these Short Video Apps For social media advertising.

Brands using Sort video apps to improve online presence and revenue

A lot of big and small brands have begun to use these famous and exploding social media apps as they have realized the long-term potential of using these short video apps to increase brand awareness. Now, it is your turn to understand the potential of these platforms and start leveraging their benefits for the growth of your business.

Building brand awareness with the help of short video apps like Tik Tok and Insta reels is easier than it seems. But you do need a bit of research and explore these tools to understand how you can make your efforts ROI positive. As these social media platforms are the new mobile marketing frontier, they do not come with any specific set of rules and thus it is you who will decide what suits you the best.

Following are some best practices that you can follow while you use Tik Tok. But also keep yourself open for new options in the app and don’t be afraid to adjust as you see fit. Just like all marketing strategies, here is the analytics to guide you further –

Paid Ads – Best to start with:

It is recommended to start with the paid ads initially because it is a great way to build brand awareness when it comes to short video platforms. Also, as these are relatively new platforms, ad buys can produce more engagement than other popular social media platforms like Facebook. But as time goes, this of course can change.

Provide the TikTok users with backstage access to your brand:

It is fact that online users are showing more interest when it comes to being with the inner workings of a brand. Online users often crave a personalized feel. They should have the surety that your brand is real and would love to have a sneak peek into what you do behind the curtain. Tik Tok does it the Best! It allows you to easily take your users on a behind-the-scenes tour once or twice every week. For example, if you sell cakes, take users into the kitchen, and show them how you bake their favorite delicious cakes and why they should buy it.

Hashtag Challenge – play with the magic words:

While you plan out a brand strategy with Tik Tok, your traditional hashtags can turn out to the magic words for your business! Every business is aware of hashtags and uses them for better social media performance but how can the hashtag challenge be a game-changer?

A hashtag challenge is nothing but a trending social media contest that encompasses a specific subject or trending topic. When a challenge is sent over to TikTok, the users instantly offer their challenge responses.

Collaborate with an influencer to maximize brand awareness

This is an era of influencers and influencer marketing has gone from being the trend a few days back to becoming a powerful marketing strategy today. So being a business if you are planning to use Tik Tok, collaborations with influencers can take you a long way.
Like other famous social media platforms, you can access an influencer’s loyal following. The influencers perfectly know what the users want, as they have already been successful over the platform.

Leverage these Short Video Apps, In Your Business social media advertising

By now you must have understood how powerful video marketing is and there is no limit to what a business can achieve leveraging social media platforms like TikTok.

Building brand awareness and having a strong social media presence is vital to your business’ success. Be ahead of your competitors and do not let them own the market on these new social mobile app.