Seo Myths debunked to make best SEO strategy

Some Common SEO Myth Debunked To Make Best SEO Strategy

Digital marketing is evolving with every passing day, and we have been witnessing it. With time we saw a lot of significant changes in the trends. To stay ahead, all of us need to be well aware of what is trending in the market. Make your best SEO Strategy according to the trends of Google and the market. When people keep on believing and following the old trends, these end up as SEO myths.

What is SEO Myth? SEO myths are something that organizations or individuals keep on believing and implementing for better SEO results. Even after they are outdated and not doing any good for the business growth.

Some Common SEO Myths Degrading Your Best SEO Strategy

Let us put some light on what are the common SEO Myths –

Clear Seo facts and ignore these SEO myths

Links be more important than content

It’s been believed that links are a very important ranking or performance factor when it comes to SEO. But this isn’t true. Your link-building strategies and links fuel the ranking capability of any business. But, only when the validation is done and they are both reputable and relevant to your page.

Mobile optimization is not very important

This is the biggest myth of the time and if you are following this, you should immediately stop doing so. Google never gives prominence to websites that are not responsive or correctly optimized for mobile. You should consider mobile optimization as one of the important ranking factors for your business. So, if you want to get good traffic, and achieve better rankings you should optimize your website for mobile.

Getting yourself to the number 1 position in search engine rankings should be your only priority –

Making your place in Google’s top three pages is always a good idea. But, it doesn’t mean we can blindly ignore other things. Activities like increasing your social media presence, email campaigns; messaging, etc. can also play a crucial role in driving traffic to your website.

Your Meta descriptions affect the Google rankings of your website –

This is one of the most commonly believed SEO myths. Meta descriptions obviously make it a lot simpler for your market or audience to find you. But actually, Meta descriptions are not directly linked with the rankings of your website. It is very important to understand that Search engines. They Don’t really care that what Meta description you’ve put up for your page; all they care about is the user experience and how much time the visitor is spending on your page. 

Use the keywords that are exactly and accurately the same/right –

Keywords are the base and absolutely essential, but you don’t need to worry. Using keyword phrases exactly the same they are taken (exact match), because search engines are smart enough to foresee. They understand user’s search intent and what they are looking for. Instead of concentrating and working upon the exact keyword. Give more prominence to how and what your audience might ask as a question.

Do I really need to Worry About these Myths to Make My Best SEO Strategy?

SEO myths become the reason for worrying only when you keep on following them blindly. With time it starts impacting your SEO results. You need to keep yourself safe from being caught in trial and error work and educated guesswork. We cannot simply ignore the SEO Myths. These are something that has very little impact on organic rankings, traffic, or conversion. 

How to Make Best SEO Strategy & Do SEO Correctly

A lot of people believe that SEO is hard to understand and learn and is not worth giving the effort. But, actually, it is not true. SEO is quite simple to understand and everyone with a website can and should learn it. To do SEO correctly, you need to remain updated with the latest SEO norms and follow the latest trends. SEO is something that keeps on changing very fast and to remain in the game, you should be updated.

Conclusion: Avoid These Myths From Your best SEO Strategy

SEO is not confined to just generating traffic for your website; rather, a huge part of SEO is to deliver a quality user experience. So, it’s high time you push aside out-of-date myths about SEO. Bring your focus on what your audience/market is looking for. This will help you in achieving your SEO targets!