whta is keyword segmentation

What is Keyword Segmentation: Here’s How to Find Which Product Categories Rank Best

Keyword segmentation plays a vital role in SEO Optimization. With the help of keyword segmentation, you can see pages that might rank well, and this also gives insight that provides you with the right direction when it comes to investing in your SEO and content resources.

Keyword segmentation is nothing but a way to sort a large set of keywords quickly and effectively into smaller sub-sets of related terms which are known as segments.

What are Keywords in Term of Digital Marketing?

In simple terms, keywords are basically ideas or concepts that help in defining what any piece of content is all about. In digital marketing, the keyword is a phrase or combination of phrases that internet searchers enter into the search bar/search engines, that we commonly identify as “search queries.”

It is a commonly used term often used while we talk about digital marketing. It defines any word or combination of words that helps the internet user in performing the search in any search engine like Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go etc. 

While putting search engine strategy in place, keywords are the primary thing that the experts consider. Keywords are the core of any piece of content we find over the web, for e.g web content, blogs, press release, articles, social media posts etc. 

It is suggested that to have a proper digital marketing strategy in place, thorough keyword research should be performed. A list of meaningful keywords should be ready before you plan to launch any content over the web or over the mobile platform.

What is Keyword segmentation and how to do it?

One very famous sayings from a digital marketer state that – “All data in aggregate is crap.”

In this saying, he was clearly referring to web analytics, but if we also take it in a different direction, he is also pointing out towards the web rankings.

While considering the overall ranking data is certainly helpful, the ability to segment the words into additional meaningful groups would also be of great help and can also allow you to fetch a lot more important information. In some cases, you might think about Google Analytics segments, but you frequently don’t apply the same logic to your ranking data.

In this type of analysis, you need to figure out an effective way that helps in segmenting the keywords into different groups. Luckily, there are a lot of tools available online that makes your job very easy. STAT is commonly used and one of the most reliable ranking tools available. This tool comes with a lot of special features and allows you to easily build custom keyword segments.

There are other tools too that can help you in executing the task of segmenting your keywords like Moz Pro and Ahrefs.

Do Keyword Segmentation impacts your rankings?

Keywords play a very important role in ranking your website because they are the one that connects the internet user and content/service provider online.  It is the centre of what people are searching over the internet and the content you are providing to fulfil the requirements of the customers.

With the help of keyword segmentation, you can easily identify where your audience is, in terms of what they use and helps you in targeting the right audience effectively. The primary use of keyword segmentation is to distribute the keywords into tightly focussed groups as an initial step to attain high Click-Through Rates (CTR) and better ‘Quality scores’ in Google AdWords™.

How to do keyword segmentation correctly to rank your website?

You can segment your keywords into relevant groups correctly if you want to rank your website higher in search engines. After the keyword research ranking is done, this is the next step to be followed by professionals to get your business to rank higher. 

Most of the eCommerce websites generally go with segmenting the keywords by product category (just clothing, outdoors, electronics, etc.) That’s the example we’ll be using here.

However, there are other options also available to segment keywords by many different variables. 

Here’s a helping hand solution for you on how to rank your keywords

Overall, the goal of using keyword segmentation is to help you drill down more specifically into product segments so that you can easily find out which of your keywords are performing well and which of them are not able to to the rest of your site.

This helps give you more insights as to visibility as opposed to just an overall view of ranking data.

This analysis will be especially useful for sites with large inventories or groups of pages where segmentation may be necessary to properly evaluate ranking performance.

Analysis like this can not only give you short-term insights but can help you guide your long-term decisions into where to invest in SEO and content resources.