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Why Is TikTok So Popular, and Why should it be in your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

TikTok is a video-oriented social networking service also commonly used for social media marketing is owned by Chinese company ByteDance and is already creating a buzz in social media marketing. TikTok hosts various genres of short-form videos such as dance, comedy, and education. It allows videos of durations from 15 seconds to three minutes.

The Origin

TikTok originated from the combination of two Chinese social media applications were Musical.ly and Douyin. 

Musical.ly was an app that was created in Shanghai, China by Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang in 2014 for educational purposes but was eventually changed to a platform where users were able to post 15-second lip sync clips to popular songs.

And the second app that was Douyin, was also created in China in 2016. Douyin was a short-form video sharing platform. TikTok was launched as a different version of Douyin outside China in 2017 and was eventually launched worldwide when it merged with Musical.ly for nearly $1 billion US dollars.

Why TikTokis So popular?

It is so popular mainly because the users are delighted by the unique and creative content they find on the platform. One more reason for such immense popularity of TikTok is the presence of a large number of businesses and brands as compared to other platforms and the way users feel positively about them.

Users Say TikTok Is Authentic

TikTok is said to be authentic because the users feel that they can be their true selves on this platform, and this could be the main factor contributing to its popularity.

The study conducted for the same says:

  • 64% of users said that they feel they can be their real and true selves on TikTok.
  • 56% of users stated that they feel more comfortable in posting the videos they post on TikTok than anywhere else.
  • 53% of users said that they have trust in others posting content, that they are being their real selves too on TikTok.

Users Say TikTok Makes Them Happy

Does a study find that TikTok brings joy and happiness to its users, and in today’s world who doesn’t want this in their lives?

According to the study, “An average of 31% of TikTok users included ‘lifting my spirits’ as one the top three reasons for returning to the TikTok platform again and again.”

TikTok Is Unique and Different

The main reason which makes TikTok unique and different from any other platform is that the users feel that they get content on it that they can’t get anywhere else. 

The study shows:

  • 68% of users of TikTok stated that they find advertising content on TikTok to be unique and different from any other similar platform.
  • 60% of users internationally (except the US) stated that they follow various brands on TikTok for product updates.
  • 85% of users stated that they discover new content on TikTok that they enjoy.

How TikTok is utilised by Social Media Marketers?

Marketers are offered the brilliant opportunity on TikTok to reach young audiences worldwide in a very creative and joyful environment and because of this, it is utilised by marketers. With TikTok, they can reach a larger audience base and connect to their respective brands. TikTok brings many meme trends to all the other social media apps which can be used by various brands for boosting their credibility by being behind these trends.

Marketers get a high-level playing field on TikTok in the case of reach and engagement because unlike other social media platforms like Youtube and Instagram, a TikTok account with zero followers can get millions of views all because of the viral nature of the algorithm. And this is utilized in the most perfect way by marketers for promotion of their brands.

Why should it be in your Social Media Strategy?

The users of TikTok feel much more positive about the content from various businesses and brands on TikTok than on any other platform. And this is the main reason to be inclined about adding it to your Social Media marketing by digital marketing agencies.

And other than this, TikTok marketing can be a game-changer for your brand because of relatively little competition on the platform. And it also has great social media marketing.

Most marketers haven’t considered the idea of using TikTok as a marketing tool because it is thought that TikTok only has a ‘young’ user base which apparently is wrong. The TikTok user base not only comprises the young audience but of all ages.

How can you rule your business on TikTok?

The major ways in which you can rule your business on TikTok are:

  • Make your content attractive and appealing by adding music, sound effects and virtual effects.
  • Millennial audiences become easily engaged with quality and sincere content used for a marketing campaign on TikTok. Thus, making content that is sincere, authentic and lustrous is imperative. 
  • Top view Ads are really a powerful marketing tool on TikTok, by providing millions of views worldwide in over 24 hours. And as important as this, In-feed Ads also are very effective in getting the audience’s attention because they land directly in the ‘for you’ feed of the audience.